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The Cube

Electronic Logistics and Creative Practice

Fall 2023 

The Cube is an artifact that leaves much for the human imagination. Its simplicity in use and complexity in presentation work together to bring people in and wonder about its origins. 

When one approaches the object they might say it looks both technological and magical. It has four switches and a speaker visible on it's sides. When turned on the cube lights up with a pulse and an intriguing sound. It then awaits an input, inviting the user to flip it's switches and explore it's meaning. When the switches are flipped in a "correct pattern" a set of lights will light up on the perimeter of the cube and the cube gives a positive jingle. The user will then continue to flip switches at random in order to achieve more lights. 


As each set of lights are activated, reaching the next set is slightly harder and takes a little bit longer to stumble upon.  The solutions to this cube are not random, but completely arbitrary, as they have no real discernable meaning or pattern between them. When The Cube is lit around all sides it plays a new tune and lights up in all different colors around its perimeter, signaling it has completed its function. 

The meaning behind the cube and what it does is up to the imagination of the user. Someone with a completely practical mind might see this box as a useless toy, but a child or more imaginative user might see a different world in which this cube originates; perhaps the cube is completing a magical or highly technological function that is simply not apparent to our eyes. 

The Cube brings people in with its physicality, but also exists in the space of imagination in the world building of its user.

The lack of explanation for this cube, and the mystery behind it, the exploration of what it does, and the invitation to do so is what makes this project special. 

I really enjoyed making the cube because it pushed my creativity and fabrication skills without the limit of a purpose. Sharing the cube with others became such an enjoyable adventure, as they each came up with their own backstories for the object when given no context. 

Exploring form and implied story telling is something I would love to explore more in the future. 

IDeATe_231208A_A_Road_With_Trees027 (1).jpg
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