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Cardboard Carrier 


Design Lab

Prompt: With a chosen object, design a Cardboard Carrier for it. It must be made out of one piece of cardboard, and built for easy construction and deconstruction.

Deliverables: Cardboard Model and Presentation of use. 

Description: I was inspired by the lunches I get to make this carrier for a plastic cup and a plastic sandwich triangle. The carrier is designed to be balanced when you hold it. 

Learn more about the project on my Medium! 


This project made me really think about the research we do in design and where we find inspiration to create. This project wouldn't have meant as much as it did if I was just pulling it from my own ass. I got really lucky when I interviewed Christina at the beginning of this project because her passion, for something so small as a Deli containers, was contagious. It was originally a problem I didn't know existed, and then it became my whole semester. It has opened my eyes to the stories that can be told in design and how the answers never lie within ourselves but in other people.

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