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Breakfast for Dinner


Design Persuasion 

Prompt: Open prompt to design a persuasive item of design with a group.

Description:  Our group's goal was to promote meaningful forms of communication between friends and family, fighting against the fast nature of digital communication.  Among our personal experiences, we noted that cooking had always helped us to come together with loved ones. We decided to create a card game revolving around "get to know you questions" and cooking (Think We're not Really Strangers mixed with Chopped). We used the persuasive forms of visual language, novelty, and fun to "trick" people into forming tighter connections to others. 


            Shannon Lee - head visual artist

            Sophia Hao - app design and visual art

            Evette LaComb - physical design  

How to Play:

1. find someone you want to get to know better

2. set up your kitchen 

3. place your cards in the shuffler (remember to login to the app if you want to keep track of your progress!)

4. takeout a card, one at a time and have all players answer the question prompt

5. Now that your talking you can start cooking! 

6. try to be inspired by the ingredients cards and incorporate them into your meal.

7. pull more cards as the conversation progresses and don't forget to clean up when you're done!

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